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    New to London?  New to Canada?

    Settlement Workers in School Program (SWIS) at Clara Brenton 

    Welcome back to school, Dear Parents.  SWIS Program at Clara Brenton provides newcomer and immigrant families with information and referrals to in-school and community-based resources.  We connect families effectively to programs and services. In addition, we provide group information session for parents.

    For more Information and any question, please contact our SWIS Worker Ahmad, at 519-697-9731 


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    Kindergarten Open House

    Families with students coming to Clara Brenton kindergarten in September are invited to drop in on Thursday, May 25 between 4:00 - 5:00 pm for a visit.  Have a look at our kindergarten classrooms, meet staff and ask questions.  Pre-schoolers are welcome to come and explore.  If you have not yet registered your child for JK, please visit www.tvdsb.ca to start the process.

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    Please ensure that children are dressed for the weather that is forecast each day.  Students will spend time outdoors, even in light rain, cold or hot temperatures.  Children need the opportunity to move around, stretching and using their big muscles every day.  They need fresh air and the chance to use loud voices.  Children are less concerned about their hair and their shoes than adults are!  Please, just send them with rubber boots on wet days, hats to protect them from the hot sun or cold wind, or rain, and layers for warmth.  It is always a good idea for children to have an extra pair of dry socks in their backpack, and if they are known to enjoy the puddles, extra pants and underwear are often required.  This is true at any age.

    We will take care to minimize time outdoors in extreme weather, and we will not send children out in conditions of lightning.  Thank you for sending them to school with the expectation that they will be outdoors during recess.